Latest price list of cheap tubular steel

Thép ống is widely used in industry as well as construction, with outstanding advantages that steel pipe is one of the important steels with huge consumption. Manh Tien Phat Steel offers price list of black and galvanized steel pipes to customers. Steel pipe price list is updated daily by the price of steel on the market.

Bảng báo giá thép ống

What is steel pipe?

Thép ống is widely used in construction industry, electric industry, chemical industry, shipbuilding industry, transportation industry, heat exchanger boiler, transportation of gas, petroleum, engineering. sewage treatment …

Pipe manufacturing process

After the steel is refined through a complex steel production process that requires technology and high technology, the material is cast into a billet. After that, the workpiece continues to melt and form steel box steel products.

Classification of steel pipes

Steel pipe has many types including 4 types of steel pipes as follows:

Galvanized welded pipe:

This type of steel pipe usually has a diameter of 21 to 114mm, the most common application is for making plumbing and making small and large plumbing.

Black welded round steel pipe:

With diameters from 12.7 to 127mm, the most common application of black welded round steel pipes is for mechanical, standard structural welding.

Modern black welded steel pipe:

A type of steel pipe with a diameter of 141, 168, 219mm and used for water, oil …

Square steel pipe, rectangular steel pipe:

This steel is commonly used in the construction industry, as scaffolding, roof frames, and for building prefabricated house structures.

Hot dipped galvanized welded steel

The method of hot dip galvanizing on welded pipe steel will help protect the inner steel layer from corrosion, penetration of oxygen and water …

It also helps to limit the formation of rust on the surface of the material.

When hot-dipped galvanized steel pipe products will increase the life of the product and also increase the life of the project.

It is estimated that the average lifespan of hot dip galvanized products is from 40 to 60 years depending on the area in which steel is used for construction.

Round steel pipe, black welded square steel pipe

The steel pipe is not too thick but has good strength and pressure resistance, it is not easy to be scratched and deformed when it is hit.

Cast steel pipe:

With pipe diameters from 21 to 700mm, this product is usually imported from China

Welded large steel pipe:

The origin of welded steel pipes is usually imported from countries such as China, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan and uses straight and spiral welding technology to make products.

Below is a quotation of bảng báo giá thép ống that Manh Tien Phat Co., Ltd. provides customers with references

Bảng báo giá thép ống, bang bao gia thep ong

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