Everything you need to know when labor export Singapore

labor export Singapore

In countries where workers choose to export labor, Singapore is the place many people believe in.

There are many reasons people choose to export Singapore.

The first is the salary: Compared to other countries in the region, Singapore has the highest basic salary, which is only lower than South Korea and Japan.

Second: People choose Singapore because this country is a civilized country, a developed country, a leading science and technology.

Third: Singapore has a leading corporate culture. Workers enjoy all rights as indigenous people.

However, to be able to export Singapore labor, you need to know more things.

Everything you need to know when labor export Singapore

1. Singapore labor export market 2020

Currently, in Asia, in addition to some big countries like Japan and China, Singapore has also become a name that many workers learn. It can be said that, up to the present time,  Singapore labor export  is a good choice in the list of labor export markets today.

However, the types of labor employed by Singapore are mostly those with qualifications such as fresh graduates, people with intermediate degrees, college or higher. With such stringent requirements, is the Singapore labor market really attractive?

2. Cost and salary of exporting Singapore

Perhaps this is the most important part that anyone who is in need of labor export in Singapore are interested.

Costs of labor export to Singapore

Singapore currently has relatively high recruitment needs for many different industries. And of course, the cost  of labor export in Singapore  will depend more or less on the application of each industry that varies widely.

Cost for an application for a job in Singapore

And this number will not be fixed at any rate. However, whether you want it or not, employees should pay attention to the following two fees:

  • Exam deposit : This is the required cost to ensure that the employee will not automatically cancel the contract. Rates will range from less than 1000 USD per person. After completing the recruitment exam, this fee will be refunded to employees.
  • Exit fee : This fee will range from 4500 to 7,000 USD. This change mainly depends on the orders for each different industry.

Compared to other labor markets like Japan, Singapore has a premium of about $ 1,000 for a 3-year order.

Basic salary

Depending on the order, the salary that each person receives will vary. In 2020, the salary when going to Singapore’s export is as follows.

Attractive salary

The difference in working time as well as basic salary of each industry should lead to a difference. However, this number will basically range from  1200 SGD to 1600 SGD (equivalent to 19 – 27 million VND / month)

This does not include overtime pay and overtime pay. If the employee works hard, the salary may be up to 36 million VND / month (salary up to 60% compared to the basic salary)

3. Conditions for going to Singapore labor export

As mentioned, those who go to Singapore for labor export must meet the strict standards of this high-class labor export market. So, what criteria do workers need and meet?

  • Men and women are between the ages of 18 and 45
  • Minimum level of education graduated from high school – depending on the order will require a diploma, college and university
  • Have good health
  • Jobs range from unskilled labor, food, agriculture or mechanics, etc. to chefs, mechanics or carpenters or office workers.
  • Workers need to know and communicate in Chinese or English (The salary will be higher for those who can listen, write and read the two languages ​​above)

Diversified industries

There are also a number of other conditions required by specific orders.

4. Advantages and difficulties when going to Singapore

Working abroad has never been easy for Vietnamese people. Even  Singapore’s labor export  is the same. There will be easy advantages that you can get, but along with that will be the inevitable difficulties. So what are the advantages and challenges?

Advantages received

Singapore is a developed country, where workers will enjoy the best living conditions.

  • Living in a developed country, with Asia’s leading economy, secure society and stable political situation. The clean, green environment deserves to be one of the most livable countries in the world
  • Income is stable and not inferior to other countries
  • The geographical distance is quite favorable (~ 2,200 km). Perfect fit and convenient for you to visit family on vacations.
  • You have the right to discuss and agree on the salary you deserve
  • There is always the opportunity to settle and sponsor relatives to Singapore

There are also many other favorable factors

The difficulties need to face

There are advantages, there will also be difficulties. Some of the challenges you’ll have to trade are:

  • Living away from home, away from relatives and relationships during work.
  • There is no such thing as a low-paying job in Singapore labor export
  • Expensive living expenses (at least from $ 400 to $ 600 for 1 month). Therefore, if you want to make money and save a lot, you need to work overtime and work hard.
  • Only apply to reliable companies and applications. Avoid cases of money loss disability.

Currently, apart from the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, only a few companies are allowed to recruit Singapore labor export orders. Therefore, workers need to be really attentive.

5. Should labor export Singapore or Japan?

It is not surprising that workers bring these two powers together. The differences between the two countries bring workers thoughts and hesitation in the decision. So which factors will determine the direction for employees?

synthetic Singapore Japan
Cost Cost from 4500 – 7000 USD Costs from 2000 – 6500 USD
Wage Basic salary from 19 to 36 million VND (excluding overtime pay and overtime pay) Basic salary from 26 to 45 million VND (excluding overtime pay)
Advantages Geographical distance near
Stable income
High and stable salary
Good working conditions
Defect Difficult application conditions
Expensive accommodation and living expenses
Requires work experience
Differences in culture and communication (language)
Stricter application conditions in some orders
Living expenses are also quite expensive

The above are just some quick comparisons made by us with many workers who are living and working in these 2 countries.

Above is the valuable information that Dai Nam Transport Investment Company, the cung ung lao dong unit, is updated to your reference.

Cource: https://vikool.org/everything-need-know-labor-export-singapore/

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