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Defamation is defined as the use of words or media to portray a person in a negative light such that it affects their reputation. The information presented could be untrue and be exaggerated. A person, business or company can be sued for defamation on the grounds of destroying a person’s or organisation’s social standing sand image.

There are 2 forms of defamation – libel and slander. Libel is defamation that occurs in a more permanent form such as in newspapers on the television. Slander is defamation in a more transient form such as in words or actions. Both forms of defamation are liable for a person to be charged in court.


The following conditions should be considered when filing for a Contract Claim:

Able to prove that the information presented is false

Able to prove how the defamed person was “damaged”

Vietnam is the most appropriate forum to commence the proceedings

Sufficient funds to carry out court proceedings


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